May 18 • 17M

E32 Apple delays return to office, new Robinhood & Coinbase wallet features, Netflix layoffs, follow up

Addition with Addy Adewusi

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Tech, career ,stocks, and crypto for executives and pre-executives. Hosted by Addy Adewusi, Microsoft product manager, Dartmouth-educated mathematician, futurist, tech optimist, artist and creator.
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Hi friends,

I am back with another edition of Addition! You can watch on YouTube here:

Show notes:

00:00 Welcome and intro

00:20 Like, share, subscribe, follow

01:10 Crypto markets

02:27 Stock markets

02:37 Addy’s thoughts on the markets

03:14 Apple delays return to office plans


04:14 Former Apple Director leaves over return to office policy and gets a job at Google


04:50 Addy’s thoughts on return to office policies

06:49 Why Addy is going back to the office regardless

Addy’s TikTok “Check on your tech friends” video:


08:14 Robinhood announces non-custodial crypto wallets


08:45 Why Robinhood is doing this

08:53 What is a non-custodial wallet

09:15 Pros and cons of non-custodial wallets

09:46 Why Addy took her crypto off of the exchanges

10:17 Coinbase app allows users to access dApps


10:48 Addy explains dApps and how users currently access them

11:59 Addy’s final thoughts on centralized exchange wallets

12:33 Netflix cuts 150 employees


14:26 Career segment: follow up

15:26 What Addy is geeked out about

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