May 31, 2022 • 19M

E38 Addy addresses NYT + WaPo crypto critiques, Affirm + Stripe, Salesforce earnings, what is your worst case scenario?

Addition with Addy Adewusi

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Tech, career ,stocks, and crypto for executives and pre-executives. Hosted by Addy Adewusi, a Big Tech product manager, Dartmouth-educated mathematician, futurist, tech optimist, artist and creator.
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Hi friends,

This is the episode all of my crypto skeptic listeners have been waiting for! You can watch on YouTube here:

Show notes:

00:00 Welcome and intro

00:26 Like, share, subscribe, follow

01:54 Crypto markets

02:33 Addy’s thoughts on crypto markets

03:00 Stock markets

03:35 Washington Post and NY Times articles critiquing crypto

WaPo article Molly White is becoming the crypto world's biggest critic - The Washington Post: 

Web3 is Going Great:

NYT article They Did Their Own ‘Research.’ Now What? - The New York Times ( 

03:56 Addy shares her opinions on the articles and crypto critics in general (MUST LISTEN)

11:42 Affirm partners with Stripe


Addition E35 on Klarna layoffs:

14:17 Salesforce earnings

15:53 Career segment: What is your worst case scenario?

17:06 What Addy is geeked out about

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